We believe in supporting students on their own terms.

If you can engage students where they are then you can keep them motivated to continue their studies and support them when they need help.

That's why we built University Assistant.


Engage students before they start and maintain that engagement throughout their time at your university, until long after they graduate, by creating and publishing a feed of high-quality videos, articles, collections, and more in University Assistant.

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Remove barriers and reduce friction by supporting your students during their studies with University Assistant’s real-time chat, and empower them to help themselves with mobile-first help articles, surfaced at the right moment to maximise their effect.

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Use real data to uncover how your Student Success team can improve student outreach. Get instant feedback from students on articles, use real-time analytics from events to predict attendance, and measure exactly how responsive your team is to student queries.

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New students were 20% more satisfied with their university after just two weeks of use.

Versus those who didn't use the app. Based on a study of 272 students in October 2017.

Engage every student.

With University Assistant, you can create and share high-quality, engaging videos, articles, collections, and events.

Target content to specific student cohorts with our powerful targeting system. Send a video to students studying engineering courses, host an event exclusively for international students, or share a collection of articles on how to make the most of university life, specifically for students living off-campus.

Powerful student targeting, paired with our proprietary, context-aware prioritisation algorithms, means that your students see the right content at the right moment.

What's in University Assistant?


Videos grab students’ attention like nothing else, and keep it for longer.

Short, well-produced videos can convey complex topics in interesting and engaging ways. What would otherwise be a dreary 1000 word PDF could be a 90 second video that keeps students engaged throughout, getting your information across to students who wouldn't have bothered before.


Share insightful articles, optimised for mobile devices, that help students help themselves.

Whether it’s a checklist before submitting an assignment, or must-see places for students new to your city, articles can be used to share important information with students instantly.


Stand-alone articles are great for one-off pieces of information, but content is often related, and collections help students discover related content instantly.

Students new to your city will want to get to know the best spots, so why not create a collection titled, “Things to do around campus”, with articles on the best landmarks, museums, and evening entertainment?

That way individual articles, that focus on doing one thing well, can be grouped together to form a compelling and targeted narrative for students.


Sending details of upcoming events into an email black hole? Putting up flyers that are never read? What if you could reach students directly on their smartphones?

With University Assistant, you can share events with students, and keep track of how interested students are. Are they tapping on the event? Are they adding it to their calendar? Tweak events to reach the students that would benefit most from attending; from welcome week all the way to graduation.


Announce timely, important messages with University Assistant. Whether it’s a welcome message to help new students feel at home, or a note to let students know lectures are canceled due to a snowstorm, notices can get a message across quickly and easily.

Polls (coming soon)

Poll students to get in-the-moment feedback on their experiences with teaching and facilities. Was that assessment briefing clear this morning? With polls in University Assistant, you can ask students, or only a segment of students, for their feedback instantly, and get answers in minutes and hours, not weeks and months.

Students want to feel as though their voices are heard, and with polls in University Assistant, their opinions can be heard, and acted upon, more effectively than ever before.

Support students where they are.

Your students live on their smartphones. They shouldn’t have to use ancient, complex tools to ask in-the-moment, simple questions.

Use modern, familiar tools to answer their questions quickly, and leave them feeling good about your university.

Create and surface help content in the form of videos or articles, to enable students to help themselves even when you’re not in the office. You can even link out to the web, meaning students can use your existing Moodle or Blackboard content from within University Assistant.

How does it work?

A student asks a question

University Assistant removes barriers and reduces the friction. Students can easily reach out when they need help.

From anywhere in University Assistant, students can bring up a list of their conversations with staff, and ask a new question.

You'll be notified

When a new question arrives from a student, we’ll let you know, either with a push notification or an email.

The new conversation will appear at the top of the list of active, ongoing conversations, ready for you to answer.

Resolve their issue in real-time

Use modern, real-time chat, complete with typing and seen indicators, to resolve students’ questions quickly.

These, along with staff avatars, and even emoji 👋, help the conversation feel more personal, producing an environment where students can feel more comfortable asking for help.

Measure your effectiveness.

You can’t make major improvements to student engagement and retention numbers if you aren’t regularly measuring how effective your student outreach is and how responsive you are to students.

University Assistant is your resident data scientist, uncovering vital insights—in minutes, not months—on everything from how well events are marketed, to which days students get a slower response from your team.

Build University Assistant’s insights into your team’s feedback loop to focus your limited time on the changes that will make the biggest difference to the your most important performance metrics.

Use student feedback to improve your offering

With one-tap reactions, students can quickly and easily rate your articles and videos. Use this feedback to uncover what works best for students, and what still needs tweaking.

If a student responds negatively, we give them the opportunity to open a new conversation with your team. An in-the-moment opportunity to improve the student experience.

Uncover event insights in real-time

Use interest indicators, such as when a student adds an event to their personal calendar, to estimate the potential attendance of your events.

Use “student saw this” to “student tapped on this” conversion analytics to measure how attractive events are to your students. Does your marketing really resonate with STEM students, but leave arts students in the dark? Uncover issues, and improve your outreach, in minutes, based on real data.

How responsive is your team?

Ensure students get a prompt response to queries with advanced conversation responsiveness metrics.

How long does it take for an average question to get a response? How does that change through the week? What’s the longest a student had to wait for a satisfactory response?

University Assistant has the answers.

What problems are you facing?

We're interested in hearing about the specifics of your engagement and retention issues.

Perhaps you have a lot of commuter students who don't engage in campus life? Do you struggle to get actionable, in-the-moment feedback from students? Maybe your retention numbers just aren't as good as you'd like?

Either way, we want to listen.

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