Notices and Notifications

Getting important messages out to specific student groups can be a pain. It’s hard to get everyone in one place to tell them and no one seems to read their emails.

With University Assistant, you and your team can broadcast important messages out to everyone, or just a select few, using the one device they always have on them: their smartphone.


Notices are short posts embedded in students’ feeds. They’re the perfect place to put a little reminder or a positive message to brighten their day.

Welcome new students to your university, and welcome back returning students, with a short, positive message that helps them feel as though they belong at your university.

Preparing for exams can be stressful for students, so share a quick message to let them know your team is there for them if they need it, with various academic and wellbeing support services.

If there’s an especially important event coming up, like a job fair, your team can put out a special reminder to ensure your students are aware.


Notifications are message you push directly to your students’ lock screens. The are short, they are information-dense, and they should result in an action for the student.

If you need to get an important message out to all students, even those that don’t use the app everyday, push notifications are the best way to get their attention.

If you’ve added new content to University Assistant that students should be aware of, let them know with a quick, one-time push notification.

If there’s an important message you need to get out to a small number of students, you can target it so it’ll only be sent to them.