Our philosophy

Engage every student

Engagement is all about getting the right content in front of the right students at the right time.

Whether it’s an insightful article on how to get the most out of revision, an engaging video from their course leader letting them know what’s coming up, or the job fair event next week where they’ll find their perfect job.

By cutting through the noise of day-to-day university life, we can deliver engagement that really matters.

Only what's relevant right now

Students only respond to articles, videos, and events when they’re relevant to them.

You can get your content in front of the right students at the right time with University Assistant’s powerful targeting and proprietary, context-aware prioritisation algorithms.

With them wherever they go

University Assistant is designed for students who are constantly on the go. The most engaging content is short, to the point, and cruft free.

It’s only the good stuff. And students love it.

Everyone deserves a tailored, personal experience

University Assistant engages everyone, wherever they are in their student journey, from applicants to alumni.

Hannah T. Applicant, Computer Science

Your university is Hannah’s first choice, and she got a great offer she’s really pleased with. You gave her early access to University Assistant, where she sees video tours of your campus and facilities (which she loves!), a message from the person who will be her course leader on what to expect in the first few weeks (she’s excited to get started!), and all the information she needs on upcoming applicant and taster days (she’s can’t wait to start!). She already feels connected to your University. It’s familiar and friendly. She feels confident and ready to hit the ground running in September.

University Assistant engages Hannah before she even sets foot on your campus.

Adi S. Incoming first-year student, Architecture and Design

Adi is going through orientation at the moment and was feeling a bit overwhelmed—until he installed University Assistant.

Now he sees, front-and-center, his course leader welcoming him to the course and letting him know exactly what he’s going to be doing this semester. He can see, in one place, all of the introductory lectures he’s required to attend, as well as all of the society and campus community events he’s interested in attending. He’s also got important information about staying safe, the university’s mental wellbeing services, and how to adjust to academic life. And if he needs help, advisors are just a chat message away.

University Assistant supports Adi giving him instant access to everything he needs to have a really successful transition into Higher Education.

Claire A. Final year student, French Language

Claire is in her final year at your university, focusing on acing her dissertation and finding the perfect job to kick start her career. Everything in her University Assistant app is geared toward helping her achieve those goals.

The first thing she sees are all of her assignment deadlines together in one place. If any of them changes, she knows University Assistant will notify her. One less thing to worry about. Speaking of worrying, she’s under a lot of pressure, but she knows your university is there for her if she needs it, because she can see your articles on making the most of mental wellbeing services. With an eye to the future, she’s also added two upcoming job fairs, as well as an employer meet-and-greet, to her “My events” collection. University Assistant will remind her about them beforehand, so she can be prepared to bring her A-game.

University Assistant reassures Claire and relieves some of her final year worries.

A nudge in the right direction

Through careful and deliberate uses of nudges and reminders, you can raise attendance, improve assignment completion rates, and broadcast important information.


Some students keep meticulous track of their due dates in their calendars. Many just try to keep track in their heads.

With University Assistant, your students automatically get a notification right on their lock screen 48 hours before an assessment is due to gently remind them to submit it.

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Plans can change last-minute. It’s a fact of life.

When an event’s time or location changes, University Assistant automatically keeps students in the loop with a quick push notification letting them know exactly what’s changed.

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If you need to get a message out to everyone (perhaps you’re closed due to weather?) or just a specific segment of students (do a few students need to pick up their new IDs from reception?), you can quickly and easily broadcast a notification right to students’ phones.

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