Getting your students to attend events at your university can feel like an uphill battle. They don’t see your reminders. They forget it’s going on. You have to change rooms at the last minute and no one knows where your event even is!

University Assistant simplifies events for you. They’re shown to students the moment they open the University Assistant app, so you know it’s being seen. They can get a notification to remind them that the event is starting soon so they don’t forget. And if you need to change rooms, or times, students will be automatically notified, so everyone will show up at the right place and at the right time.

Target to specific students

Whether it’s a taster day targeted to applicants, a welcome talk targeted to new first-year English Language students, or a job fair for graduating final-year students, your team can add the events that matter most to students, wherever they are in their journey.

Require attendance

While most events are optional, some (like welcome talks) will have required attendance.

For required events, we always send out reminders before an event starts, and updates when the time or locations change.

The tools you already use

With one-tap web integrations with tools like Eventbrite, it’s never been easier for students to book their place in, or buy tickets for, events from within the app.

You can even include a phone number for students to contact if they need help, and it’ll call it right from within the app.

Students stay in the loop

If an event is required for a student, or they have added it to their “My events” collection, they will automatically be reminded when the event is coming up, and notified of any updates.

Changed place

If, last-minute, you need to move your event from one room (or even building) to another, just update the location in University Assistant, and a push notification will automatically be sent to students.

Changed time

Sometimes you need to change the time of an event. Instead of students showing up at the wrong time, when you update an event’s time in University Assistant, a push notification letting students know about the new time, is automatically sent out.

Coming up

There’s a lot going on, and it can be easy for your students to simply forget about your event. That’s why University Assistant automatically reminds them about it 30 minutes before it starts, so they’ve got plenty of time to get to your event.

Powerful analytics

We use thousands of data points per event to help you uncover exactly how well your events are performing with students.

Measure engagement

With impressions, views, and button taps, you can–at a glance–see just how engaging students are finding your event.

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Measure interest

For optional events, you can see exactly how many students have indicated an interest in your event, to get an estimate of how many will attend.

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