Our philosophy

Measure your effect

University Assistant is your resident data scientist, uncovering vital insights—in minutes, not months—on everything from how well events are marketed, to which days students get a slower response from your team.

You can build University Assistant’s insights into your team’s feedback loop to focus your limited time on the changes that will make the biggest difference to your most important performance metrics.

The data feedback loop

You don’t need to wait for annual surveys to make vital changes. University Assistant uses tens of millions of data points to help you uncover what’s working, and where you can improve.

Use student feedback to improve your offering

With one-tap reactions, students can quickly and easily rate your articles and videos. Use this feedback to uncover what works best for students, and what still needs tweaking.

If a student responds negatively, we give them the opportunity to open a new conversation with your team. An in-the-moment opportunity to improve the student experience.

Uncover usage insights in real time

See whether your content is exciting students with instant analytics.

Use “student saw this” to “student tapped on this” conversion analytics to measure how attractive your articles, videos, and events are to your students. Does your marketing really resonate with STEM students, but leave arts students in the dark?

Uncover issues, and improve your outreach, in minutes, based on real data.

Measure how responsive you are

Ensure students get a prompt response to queries with advanced conversation responsiveness metrics.

How long does it take for an average question to get a response? How does that change through the week? What’s the longest a student had to wait for a satisfactory response?

University Assistant has the answers.

Get direct, instant feedback

Poll your students to get in-the-moment feedback on their experiences with your teaching and facilities. Was that assessment briefing clear this morning? With polls in University Assistant, you can ask every student, or perhaps only a segment of students, for their feedback instantly, and get answers in minutes and hours, not weeks and months.

Your students want to feel as though their voices are heard, and with polls in University Assistant, you can hear, and act upon, their direct feedback more effectively than ever before.

Raw data for research

You can use University Assistant’s rich raw data exports to export your university’s data. So far, data from University Assistant has been used in important student engagement research that has been shared around the world.