It might seem obvious, but the students that excel at your university all submit their assessments on-time. It’s one of the best correlations for success.

Some students keep meticulous track of their due dates in their calendars. Many just try to keep track in their heads.

By putting a student’s assessments front-and-center, and gently reminding them of when they’re coming up, University Assistant helps ensure all of your students take the first step toward success.

When your student opens University Assistant, they see all of their assessments front-and-center.

Add assignments, along with important details, such as Assessment briefs, and links out to tools like Moodle.

Add exams, and include useful studying material, such as past papers or revision guides.

Gentle reminders

A message on the lock screen of a student’s phone is the best way to get their attention.

Due soon

Students have so much to keep track of so to make sure your students are aware, we automatically send a ‘push notification’ to your students 48 hours before their assessment is due.

Broadcast a message

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes plans do change. Getting important assessment-related messages out to students is hard, but a quick message on their lock screens can easily get your message out.

Seamlessly works with your system

Instead of needing weeks of integrations with IT, University Assistant seamlessly hands off to Moodle, Blackboard, or any other IT system at your university. No integrations needed.