Live chat

When a student has a question for your university, what do they do? Do they write an email or a letter? …How should they pitch it? …Who do they write to? Or do they have to go and find someone? …Where do they go? …Who will listen?

John has a problem…

Sitting down to write an email is hard. He’s finding it overwhelming. Where does he even start?

Who do I write to? Who can help me? Should I even bother? Who will listen?

John flounders…

Where should he go with his problem? How am I gonna say that to a stranger face-to-face? It’s really embarrassing!

John flounders…

We've found a better way

We do it by using an interface they already know, in a context they’ve grown up with. Our students live on their smartphones, and use real time chat in every other aspect of their lives. So instead of asking them to come to us, we go to them.

John unlocks his phone and opens University Assistant.

In two taps he’s starting a conversation.

Instantly, John isn’t alone. Help is at hand.

Make it personal

Students want to feel a personal connection with your university. University Assistant’s live chat goes that extra mile to ensure students feel comfortable being open about their issues.

Pictures of your team help students see they’re talking to a real person, fostering empathy.

Typing indicators let students know your team are responding, so your students aren’t left wondering when you’ll respond.

Read receipts let students know you’ve seen their message, reassuring them it hasn’t gone into a support black hole.