Our philosophy

Support students where they are

When a student has a question for your university, what do they do? Do they write an email? Who do they write it to? Is this the right tone, or is it too formal? Or perhaps it’s too informal? They ask themselves, “Should I even bother?”

We’ve found a better way. It’s an interface they already know, in a context they’ve grown up with. Our students live on their smartphones, and use real time chat in every other aspect of their lives. So instead of asking them to come to us, we go to them.

Now they can start an instant, realtime chat with someone at your university who can help them.

The old way


For a student, email can be scary. Writing an email requires careful planning and many students simply give up before ever hitting send.

Long response times

The expectations for responding to emails mean it can easily take days, or sometimes even weeks before a students’ problem is acknowledged, never mind solved. All this time, your student is worrying they’ve fallen through the cracks.


If I send an email to this generic support address, will it get a response? Has anyone seen my message yet? Who is going to help? When you’ve grown up with WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram, email lacks empathy and the personal touches students have come to expect.

The new way

Intuitive understanding

Today’s students grew up with live chat (they were 8 years old when WhatsApp was released), and intuitively understand how it works. It’s far less stressful to tap out a quick chat message than to write a serious, long email.

Quick responses

Live chat means shorter, quicker messages sent to students. A quick “I’ll look into this and get back to you” response within 15 minutes eases a student’s anxiety, and helps them feel as though they’re being kept in the loop.


From the moment a member of your team responds, your student sees a friendly face looking back at them, literally. By incorporating avatars, typing indicators, and “seen” notices, students feel like they’re dealing with a real person who can solve their issue.

Privacy comes first

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, so we go to extreme lengths to ensure all of your student’s messages remain private.

We use military-grade encryption to ensure every student message is protected in transit (so no one can snoop on them when they’re on free Wi-fi) and provide enterprise-level access control permissions (so only the people who need to see their messages can).